Severe Hip Dysplasia – THA


This is a 36 year old male with a history of Down’s syndrome who presented with severe bilateral hip pain. He was only able to ambulate a few blocks with a walker due to pain. X-rays demonstrated severe hip dysplasia, Crowe III on the right and Crowe II on the left. Pseudoacebulum formation is present on the right with valgus deformities on both femurs.


The patient underwent bilateral complex THA reconstructions, two years apart. The anterosuperior acetabular defects were reconstructed using customized porous tantalum augments, mated with micro-sized acetabular shells. Wagner Cone femoral stems were used to provide control of the excessive native femoral anteversion. The sciatic nerve was protected throughout the case with a handheld, intraoperative nerve monitor which Dr. Chen has published on for complex THA surgery.



The patient has done extremely well and walks unassisted without pain.