TKA for Developmental Deformity


This is a healthy 55 year old male who had a history of Blount’s Disease as an adolescent. Blount’s Disease is a condition that causes severe bowing of the knee due to disordered bone growth of the proximal medial tibia. He lived his entire adult life with a knee that was 30 degrees bowed outwards. Subsequently, he developed severe arthritis of the knee in addition to worsening of the varus deformity over time.

The patient underwent successful complex TKA. An unconstrained, posterior stabilized implant was able to be used due to meticulous soft tissue balancing. This was achieved with an extended medial release, medial tibial reduction osteotomy, and pie crusting of the MCL.

The patient has gone on to an excellent result. He now walks fully straight without any assistance. He works on his feet all day as a hotel concierge and is able to lead a normal, unencumbered lifestyle.