Patient Stories: Hip Replacement


Patient W.E. is an active physician who underwent bilateral anterior approach hip replacement.


“Had both hips replaced at Mt Sinai on March 4th, 2019 and May 1st, 2019, and each time I was able to return to my work after 10 days. I owe my speedy recovery to the outstanding team lead by Dr. Darwin Chen. A brilliant, compassionate surgeon along with the enthusiastic Mt. Sinai staff made my surgical experience a very positive one and certainly contributed to my rapid recovery.


At age 78, I feel extremely energetic thanks in part to my new hips and hope to continue practicing gastroenterology and enjoying all my family activities for many more years.”


Patient J.W. is a 58 year old male who underwent outpatient anterior approach hip replacement.

“I visited Dr. Darwin Chen after several years of chronic hip pain. I had been prescribed physical therapy by a previous physician, but PT had little affect and I was now living on a regular diet of Tylenol at all hours. X-rays showed severe arthritis in my right hip joint. Dr Chen recommended total hip replacement and predicted I would greatly benefit from the results of the procedure. My main athletic activity is golf and I regretted opting for surgery before the summer season. By May my hip mobility had declined and the pain increased to the point where I was getting little sleep. The decision to proceed was an easy one. Dr Chen performed an anterior hip replacement surgery on June 17. Surgery was scheduled for 7:30 am and I was released the same day by 5pm. I progressed from pain killers to Tylenol in a few days and returned to work a week later. I was back full time in two weeks. I attended physical therapy three times per week to regain range of motion. Within a month I was back on the golf course putting and chipping. After two months I was able to make full swings and walk 18 holes with no restrictions. My recovery culminated 79 days after surgery. I played in the International Member-Guest Golf Tournament at Waterville Golf Links in County Kerry, Ireland. I played 4 rounds in three days with no pain or discomfort.


Thank you Dr. Chen and the Mt Sinai staff. My surgery has been a complete success and I’ve been able to return to all activities pain-free. I have, and will continue to recommend Dr Chen and Mt Sinai to all who are looking to rid their lives of chronic hip pain.”